Elizabeth Maitreyi BACP accredited
psychotherapy, supervision and creative couples work 


I work largely on Skype and Face Time with clients in the UK and abroad but for some months of the year I am available face to face near Burford in Oxfordshire.

For appointments, please email or call 07939 111 605.

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Help Now
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
If you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks this book
can really help. Dr Claire Weekes’ Self-Help for your Nerves

Yoga can also help. Breathing exercises and simple positions
can make a huge difference to coping with emotional stress and 
physical pain too. You can see someone demonstrate one of these 
exercises here.

You can read about more self-help techniques here.


Relationship Difficulties

Is your relationship in trouble? Check out this book from the founders of Creative Couple Work. Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy by Nick Duffell and Helena Lovendal.

‘The truth is your very nature.’